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best firefox-3-logo This is a must read guide to anyone who wants to learn how to browse faster and more conveniently with Firefox. Firefox Secrets will teach you how to get the most from Mozilla, including how to find and use all the hidden features, extensions available to you.

The Best Guide to Firefox Tips Tricks Hacks & Secrets

Best Firefox Tips Hacks Secrets Guide - eBook Content :
* Ways to ease the transition from Internet Explorer
* A way to setup multiple homepages when you launch your browser
* Read RSS feeds from within Firefox using a free extension
* Where to download a new and less obtrusive Download Manager
* The best must-have extensions to download as well as the fun ones
* Two different ways to speed up Firefox downloads with prefetcher and pipelining
* Firefoxs secret features for Web Developers
* And much, much more!

Firefox Secrets is the ultimate guide to the Web Browser that major magazines, newspapers are recommending as the ultimate replacement to Internet Explorer.

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Google is evil devil funny logo You probably use Google everyday, but do you know…
the Google Snake Game? Googledromes? Memecodes? Googlesport? The Google Calculator? Googlepark and Google Weddings? Google hacking, fighting and rhyming?

In this book, you’ll find Google-related games, cartoons, oddities, tips, stories and everything else that’s fun. Reading it, you won’t be the same searcher as before!

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