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Defend yourself! And learn how to do it right with the only comprehensive book on karate weapons ever published! Shown are the proper usage and katas for seven lethal karate weapons: nunchaku, yawara stick, sai, fighting knife, tonfa, staff and bo.

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Mary Sue Taylor, Tere Stouffer “Teach Yourself VISUALLY Piano”
2006-04-24 | 304 pages | PDF | 14.2 MB

• Product Description
Want to go beyond “Chopsticks?” This visual guide to tickling the ivories will show you the way. By Chapter 2, you’ll be playing simple pieces and practicing scales.
You’ll progress from getting familiar with notes, symbols, and keys to playing basic chords and reading music like a pro. Without getting bogged down in boring theory, you’ll learn what you need to know and enjoy playing as you go! Whether you like Bach or rock, jazz or country, golden oldies or new age, you’ll love learning to play the fun, visual way.
Concise two-page lessons show you all the crucial skills and are ideal for quick review
Each skill, chord, or technique is clearly described
Concise and understandable instructions accompany each photo
Detailed color photos demonstrate proper fingering technique
Helpful tips provide additional guidance

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Cardoza Publications | ISBN: 158042-010-9  | Author: Fred Wilson and Bruse Alberston  |  English | PDF | 96 Pages | 4.28 MB (RAR compressed) |


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Dangerous Google-Searching For Secrets:
This book will help you learn…
* how to use Google to find sources of personal information and other confidential data,
* how to find information about vulnerable systems and Web services,
* how to locate publicly available network devices using Google

*We are not responsible for any misshapen .Use it at your own risk.

Whenever you start your computer, you are faced with a few moments of thumb twiddling while Windows XP boots and prompts you to log on. Although you should expect to wait for a few moments, sometimes Windows XP seems to boot rather slowly. In fact, you may notice that over a period of time the PC that used to roar to life seems a bit sluggish instead.Fortunately , you can perform several techniques that help Windows XP get the bootup speed you want. This chapter explores how to put these techniques to work.

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Want to Build your own Website ? Or Maybe you already have your own Web site and you’re not quite satisfied with it. Or perhaps you’re still in the planning stages and want to know what you can do to make your site as good as it can be. You’ve been to Web sites that have all the bells and whistles, and you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t just a wee bit envious. Well, now you can have it all, too. This book, will show you some of the best stuff around, and will tell you just how to go about putting it on your site.

How to Build a Website About This Book : (By David Crowder)
This isn’t just another Web-design book. It’s special. Really. I set out to write
the one book I’d want by my side if I were looking to set up a really fancy Web
site and not break the bank doing it. I tracked down and tested zillions of Web
site enhancements and selected the top of the line to share with you. And I’m
honestly proud of the results. I’ve authored or coauthored more than 20 books
on computers and the Internet, and this one is my hands-down favorite.
It’s full of things you’re sure to love. It’s packed with fun stuff, but it’s got plenty
of serious stuff, too, like how to get past the hype and really make money. You’ll
wonder how in the world you ever got along without having these features on
your Web site.

How to Use This Book :
Keep this book next to your computer and never lend it to anybody. It’s far
too precious for that. Make your friends buy their own copies. If you need to
make space on your bookshelf, throw away anything else you own to make
room for it. When you travel, take it with you. Hold it in your arms at night
and tell it how much you love it.
Each chapter is a stand-alone entity. (Don’t you just love that word?) You don’t
have to read the whole thing, and it’s a rare person who will read it from cover
to cover right off the bat. Go ahead — hit the table of contents or the index and
jump to the parts you’re most interested in. But don’t forget to explore the rest
of the book after you’re done with the parts that excite you most. You won’t
regret spending the time — you’ll find wonders in every chapter.

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Kendall Haven “100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time”
Libraries Unlimited | 2007-02-28 | ISBN: 1591582652 | 272 pages | PDF | 1.3 MB.
This is a really Great Book for You to Download..

100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time

Throughout history, science has changed lives and dramatically altered the way in which the universe is perceived. Focusing on the 100 most significant scientific events of all time–from Archimedes’ discovery of the two fundamental principles underlying physics and engineering (levers and buoyancy) in 260 B.C.E. to human anatomy, Jupiter’s moons, electrons, black holes, the human genome, and more–storyteller Kendall Haven has created a ready reference for those seeking information on science discoveries. Brimming with fascinating and fun facts about 100 scientific breakthroughs, this collection presents the real stories behind the history of science, at the same time offering a panoramic overview of the history of science and an introduction to some of the most important scientists in history. Grades 6 and up.

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