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Making career is the most stressful subject to think when you are not selected in IIT or IIM. More sad if you are unable to secure marks for IPS or IAS entrance exams. But the fact is that not everyone can be a doctor, engineer or scientist. Nor every student wants to walk with the crowd. If you think you are something out of the crowd and still feel no options left then have a look on 9 very odd freelancing jobs listed below where you can earn more then what you will invest for anything else.

May be, it’s not so odd for those who know or have an established career in any of the listed profession here. But surely, for some or most of the Indian youth who don’t know anything about

  • Music DJ
  • Tattoo artist
  • Logo designer
  • Content writer
  • Linguist
  • Pet trainer
  • Voice dubbing
  • SEO
  • Fashion stylist

I tried to find out the job opportunities, how much you can earn and where to find more resource or information on these subjects. Please have a look, it is a way to different career options and an introduction to more opportunities for Indian youth.

1. Music DJ (Club Disk Jockey) : Disk Jockey or simply a DJ is one who rocks the party. Who turn and swirl people on his/her fingers. Originated from hip-hop or rap music in late 80s, Djing today is simply on demand in India.With the growing western culture through bollywood and media, entertainment is today one of the high earning zones in Indian market.

Not only in nightclubs and discotheques, but Indian party Djs are also highly required on almost every festivals like Navaratri, Holi, Diwali and NewYear .Moreover, functions like marriage, birthdays and get-togethers look empty without a DJ.

Being only a DJ is easier than being a good DJ and very few out of 100s are rewarded as a good DJ in India.

How much a DJ can earn?

How much you can make people tired dancing? How much understanding and tactful are you? So, it’s on you. But to say normally DJs in India charge around Rs1000 toRs 10,000,00 for one party, but limit is sky.

Who are the famous DJs in India?

Some most famous and successful djs in India are Dj Aqeel, DJ Suketu,, DJ Jazzy Joe etc.

What qualifications are required to be a DJ?

Passion in music is enough to give you an entry to the world of professional club DJs. All you need to do is hard work and have patience, you should not expect to get rich overnight.

What are the equipments and best place to get it?

Check out the biggest and most famous shop deals in electronics and music systems in your city. The main “box like” thing that DJ always carries is called DJ Mixer.

Any websites you know?

Check out these sites

Click this

Click this

or click this

2. Tattoo Artist : The tradition of some most oldest tribes of the world has now became a fashion statement for many. Tattoo became more popular in this century then any other, especially if we talk about India, tattoos were from olden days and still in trend among many tribes and villages across India. But becoming a part of metropolitan Indian culture, tattoo definitely changed the definition of fashion to some extent.

Being a tattoo artist is not so much in a trend nor will you find many tattoo parlors or tattoo shops in cities except some in metro cities of India. This makes the tattoo business less competitive for few more years.

How much a Tattoo artist can earn?

From Rs 5000 to Rs 50000 per tattoo, it all depends on the art and the client. Also many tattooists charge according to per hour or per inch they design which goes from Rs1500 to Rs3000 per hour or per inch.

Who are the famous Tattooists in India?

Doktor Kohiar is a first tattoo professional in India who started tattooing since 70’s. B.Singha aka Bobby is another very famous tattooist.

What qualifications are required to be a tattooist?

Knowledge of art, drawing and sketching is one most important thing required to be a tattooist. Another important thing is your supremacy in imagining art, and drawing it on client’s body perfectly and uniquely.

What are the equipments and best place to get it?

You need an apprentice tattoo kit which has all needful equipments and machines to use.

Any websites you know?

Check out these sites

Tattoo information

Tatoo Books

Tattoo tool kits

3. Logo Designer: Business today is not less than any war like situation. Big or small every company and industry want to be in the position of No.1. In this run ,company logo is one which represents an organization and its service. To be more precise logo of a company is first thing to be noticed whenever you see any business card or a corporate website. More attractive and unique the logo will be more you can strike the eye of your client with a long lasting impression.

How much a Logo Designer can earn?

Depends upon the knowledge, experience and creativity the artist can show from his past work and present projects. Logo Designers are counted among some very talented and expensive artists.

What qualifications are required to be a Logo designer?

Graduation in fine arts or related subject can be the best help, knowledge of graphics and multimedia is important too. But I find an individual’s own capability of art and creativity most important then anything else.

What are the equipments I need?

What you need to draw anything on paper? And What you need to draw anything on computer? I think the most geeky can answer this.

Any websites you know?

Check out these sites

Logo Sauce,

4. Content Writer : Website content writing is another job on demand. A writer should fill relevant text contents for client’s websites to make it more interesting for visitors/customers of client to read and also should be very search engine friendly. Content writing is one of the growing businesses in India since the internet surfers are growing in a tremendous speed.

Usually, content writers are hired for marketing the service or product by particular websites/companies. Content writers should also have little knowledge of “keywords” and “key phrase” to be used for making the website and its content search engine friendly.

How much a Content Writer can earn?

Depends upon the quality of writings and experience, though freelancer content writers in India charge approximately 130-150 INR for per 500 words article. Sometimes even less then this but not less then Rs 60 per 500 words.

What qualifications are required to be a content writer?

A degree in journalism can help you making good and quality content. Content writing is a profession which needs lots of writing and you cannot be a good writer if you are not a good reader, so try finding articles of your interests and read it, read it loud and try writing your own article. More you write, more you polish your writings and at last that is going to pay you.

Any websites you know?

Check out these sites:



Click this

5. Linguist/translator: In a world of more then 200 different countries and millions of traditional and common languages, translator or a linguist is one who makes things more easy and understandable to many. From historical scriptures or diplomatic meetings language translation is one never dieing job. Translating documents, projects, articles, books, resource or verbal translations are some important part of this profession.

India has so many different languages therefore translating religious scriptures, tv programs, movies etc makes a very fair chances to earn.

How much a linguist can earn?

Normally linguists charge their clients according to per word or it depends upon the work, the client itself, and the translator’s ability and experience.

What qualifications are required to be a translator?

Knowledge of languages, what else?

World’s one of the top institutes are :

Any more websites you know?

6. Pet (Dog) trainer: Who don’t want to make their dog obedient? To take care of children and old aged person in a family? This needs a complete formal and strict training for a dog and most of the time lack of information and education on animal behavior many un wanted situations come across. For that, a best man to be hired is a professional dog trainer.

Not only in a family but for many outdoor works, dogs are great help since 100s of years. For security, detection, rescue and combat dogs are used as a big co-coordinator of man.

In India, most of the dog trainers are self taught. The growing awareness on a formal training is encouraging many pet owners to start hiring professional and learned dog trainers.

How much a dog trainer can earn?

A certified dog trainer charges anything from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 per session (30-40 mins each) It takes around 12-14 sessions to train a dog.

Who are the certified dog trainers in India?

In India, Shirin Merchant teaches dog training. She is the only one qualified enough to teach. She has an organization called “Canines Can Care” and can be reached on 9821054690. A canine behaviorist named John Rogerson has also started training courses in India since 2008.

7. Voice dubbing: How many of you saw a recent animated movie “Hanuman” ? There are many other movies and TV programs which are either animated or dubbed from original foreign language to Hindi or English. The background voices of the characters are called voice dubbing which is done by voice dubbing artists.

How much a voice over/dubbing artist can earn?

Generally dubbing artists are always required in tv and film production house. Experienced voice artist can earn Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 per episode. In short tv serials. Around Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 are being paid for documentaries. Approximately above Rs 15000 can be earned through movies.


What qualifications are required to be a dubbing artist?

Voice and diction clarity, dialogue delivery and emotion in your voice are the key differentiators of a dubbing pro.

Any voice dubbing institutes in India?

Xavier’s, Anil Mani’s voice bazaar, Live Wire, cartoonvoicing. In Delhi there is AAFT, ISOMEC, IAAN, Shamshir Rai Luthra also conducts workshop.

How to proceed further?

Record your voice and distribute the tape to production houses and studios. Have patience and keep your fingers crossed.

Helpful Website:

8. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve the traffic volume and quality of the website from the search engines like google, yahoo, msn, lycos, altavista, ask and many others. The growing number of websites and online business makes a tough competition between the online companies. SEO is most important part to make more genuine and big traffic to improve the business.

Learning SEO is not a traditional subject so you won’t find any institutes or personal tutor so easily. I found the best way to learn SEO and i.e. by online resource available.

How much a SEO can earn?

Indian SEO professionals charge 25,000 to 70,000 INR for one project which has to complete within 6 months of time.

Where to learn SEO?

There are many online forums and blogs where you can get useful materials related to learn SEO. I want to share some of my search of helpful resource for the same

Seo Book

Seo Chat


9. Stylist: Who don’t want to look good, attractive and beautiful? Don’t think stylist is only needed for ramp or bollywood. Stylists today are very successfully making metropolitan people “ready to steal the party” be it a festival of garba or an occasion of wedding , stylist are being hired for anyone who is style and look conscious.

Skills needed: A fashion stylist should have an eye for style, knowledge of perfect combination of style and culture both, dressing sense,that means which cloth will be perfect for any special occasion or festival etc. The perfect choice of color, blend and an ability to make a person look someone extra ordinary, after all that’s what a stylist is paid for.

Important/Useful websites.

Qualification needed : 2-years or 4-years degree/diploma in Fashion commodities and Fashion Design can be a very good add to the portfolio. One very important thing in being a successful fashion stylist is a big network. So, the best and the most trendy way is to work as an apprentice under any big stylist to learn and to make a good client network.

How much a stylist can earn?

Big money is there in this business if you have an ability and luck. Top stylists of the world earns more than 4500000 INR approximately 100,000 USD.

So, with all the wishes! I would like to end it here and hope you will somehow get benefit with this article.

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