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Choosing you ads style directly affect your CPM or in other words you revenue, choosing new ads styles usually increases the your CPM, in this article I rounded up 29 different ads style, choose from them the ad style that fit with your pages. each adstyle includes the link to the code (from adcluster) and preview.

Full Banners

1- Rounded corners in blue

View Code

2-CSS Glow Banner Background

View Code3-Morning Horizon Full Banner
View Code4- Purple Haze Full Banner
View Code

5- Blue Blue Sky Full Banner
View Code

6- Blue & Black Titled Full Banner
View Code

7- Black & Blue Titled Full Banner
View Code

8- Black Gradient Full Banner
View Code

Hal Banners

9- Black Horizontal Gradient Half Banner

View Code

10- Orange Striped Oval Half Banner
View Code

11- Subtle Blue Half Banner
View Code
12- Simple Slanted Black Half Banner
View Code


13- Black Diamond Button
View Code
14- Shadow Box Button
View Code

15- Black n’ Gold Square Button
View Code

16- The Little Black Square Button
View Code

17- Rounded & White Shadow Button

View Code
18- Greenie Button
View Code
Large Rectangle

19- Too-Large Grey Rectangle

View Code

20- Blue 2.0
View Code

21-Cloudy Leaderboard
View Code22- Business Card Leaderboard
View Code

23- Shuffled Paper Leaderboard (ver. White)
View Code

24- New Digg Colored Leaderboard
View Code

Medium Rectangle

25- Have-a-Mint Flavored Medium Rectangle

View Code


26- Grey Bubble Skyscraper
View Code

27- Tall Red Paper Skyscraper
View Code
Small Square

28- Small Square Metal Plate Background
View Code

29- Blue Hazed Small Square
View Code


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Size : 7 mb


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