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How do you know if you’re already addicted or rapidly tumbling toward trouble? The Internet Addiction Test is the first validated and reliable measure of addictive use of the Internet. Click here to read the study. Developed by Dr. Kimberly Young, the IAT is a 20-item questionnaire that measures mild, moderate, and severe levels of Internet Addiction.

How to Check If you are Addicted to The Internet

The Center for Online Addiction offers hope and valuable resources to those seeking information about Internet addiction. Internet addiction is a type of compulsive disorder and as an organization, we are specifically dedicated to helping people who suffer from this new form of addictive behavior.

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After you’ve answered all the questions, add the numbers you selected for each response to obtain a final score. The higher your score, the greater your level of addiction and the problems your Internet usage causes.

Found an interesting quiz today while surfing net. This test will let you know how much you are addicted to blogging.

When I tried this test on me I found that I am 69% addicted to blogging . When I saw this I was really shocked. I think I should give less time to blogging and concentrate on my studies.

Well, just go for this test and do reply how much you are addicted ?

Click here for the Blog Addiction Test.