Value of Circle

Posted on: January 17, 2011

PhotobucketMany of our readers must be wondering what a weird type of article it would be, after reading the heading. Writing about it never came in my mind until one of my friend asked me saying she needs to write an essay about Circle. First thought which I had was same as you all must have got “Weird topic”. Second thought was quite sensible; she knows how to work on internet and owns a cell which is GPRS activated then why she herself can’t Google about it. Rather than letting her know my 1st two thought, I started thinking what I would have written if I was supposed to write about it. That’s it! My brain started working and soon I came up with many good points. Now let’s move on to see what this article has to say…. Read more



2 Responses to "Value of Circle"

A single point I just would like to say is the fact your Blog is so valuable for us.

I seriously consider this site needs much more attention.

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