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relationshipsThere is almost nothing that Man cannot do. Almost. A man can go on doing anything but being alone. Man is a social being. Apart from friends and family, he needs a special person to spend his life with. Someone he can share his thoughts with, someone who can satisfy his needs – emotional and physical, someone who can be his conscience rather than a shadow, someone who completes him, someone to love, someone who loves him back. This article explains how being a part of a couple is better than being a singleton… Read more



PhotobucketMany of our readers must be wondering what a weird type of article it would be, after reading the heading. Writing about it never came in my mind until one of my friend asked me saying she needs to write an essay about Circle. First thought which I had was same as you all must have got “Weird topic”. Second thought was quite sensible; she knows how to work on internet and owns a cell which is GPRS activated then why she herself can’t Google about it. Rather than letting her know my 1st two thought, I started thinking what I would have written if I was supposed to write about it. That’s it! My brain started working and soon I came up with many good points. Now let’s move on to see what this article has to say…. Read more


SMS LingoNow while reading the title of this write-up, you might be thinking what must have entered in my mind that i have chosen this topic, which may be catchy for some, irrelevant for some, and so on. Everyone sends text messages, for communicating, keeping in touch with old pals, for informing people about locations, updating about some news, to exchange greetings, or even for fun, and many more reasons… Read more


This is to the “the King”, the most popular American singer of the 20th century. Elvis Aaron Presley. I have been deeply inspired by the personality and life of Elvis. I couldn’t keep myself from posting about him. I wanted it to be a little different, so I made an infographic instead of writing. Of course, this is my first attempt at infographics… Read more


26/11 hopeOn the morning of 27th November 2008, I woke up; completely unaware of the havoc Mumbai—the financial capital of India—had gone through. By the time I got a grip of the events that occurred last night over 100 lives had already been lost as a result of a senseless mayhem created by a bunch of misguided religious zealots. On this second anniversary of 26/11, let us start the day by praying for the innocent souls who lost their lives. Let us salute our valiant young security personnel – the NSGs who managed to over-power the criminals and not the least, the ill-equipped & ill-trained, over-worked Mumbai Police force. Let us, the citizens of this country, extent our deep condolences towards the people of Mumbai in the best way we can… Read more


PhotobucketAs, most of our readers are not Internet and Tech Savvy, first let us know what Domains are? After knowing it, reading this post will be very interesting for you… Read more


patienceIt’s not fair that some people say that television is a useless, time wasting thing. In my humble opinion, not only is it a source of great entertainment but also a source of infinite knowledge and inspiration. And I’m not even talking about Discovery and History channels yet! Last night I was watching a repeat telecast of an old sitcom – Boy Meets World – and I learned something pretty amazing. The episode was about a lot of things but what really caught my thought was the lesson of patience and hard work. Well, this might not be anything new. They showed the value of patience ad hard work really well…Read more