Top 10 Places to Submit Photoshop Tutorials

Posted on: April 12, 2009

I’m always looking for new ways to drive traffic to my site. I’ve found the best way to increase your readership is to publicize like crazy. If you are a Photoshop tutorial writer, you have all sorts of options, but digging through these places can feel like a black hole. Some are a waste of time, yet others will drive insane amounts of traffic your way. Hopefully I can help you sift through the mess, after all, I’ve done enough trial and error on the subject for the both of us.

Below is my attempt to give you the 10 best places to submit your tutorials. I’m sure I’ve missed a few good sites, so if you have any that you’d like to recommend, please let me know by dropping me a comment.

Without further ado, here’s the list

  1. Good Tutorials – Is a well-respected site that has tutorials on all facets of web and graphic design. The Photoshop tutorials are top notch. The return time is really good, they usually review your submission within 24 hours. It is difficult to get your tutorial accepted, but if you do it’s awesome. You’ll get the most page views from this site, and you’ll be in good company. Also the tutorials archive well, and you will get traffic from accepted tutorials for a long period of time.
  2. Pixel2Life – This site offers a similar variety to Good-Tutorials. The turn around time from submission to display is much slower; they general take a couple weeks. The site is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. The page views your get from this site are very good as well. The good news is, most of your tutorials will be accepted on this site.
  3. Tutorialized – Using Good-Tutorials as the benchmark, this site the closest to driving the same amount of traffic. The trouble is, it takes seemingly forever to get your tutorial reviewed and on the site. Once it’s on there you’ll be thankful. This tutorial site is another multi-tasker and covers all aspects of web and graphic design.
  4. Photoshop Roadmap – It’s not the prettiest site on this list, but it’s all about Photoshop (as the name implies) and drives a good deal of traffic your way. The submission to review time is rather short, and most everything is accepted. This site was a nice find for me!
  5. Tutorial Outpost – A simple and effective place to submit your tutorials. A straight forward site, that has enough traffic to make it very much worth your time. The turn around and traffic are both middle of the pack.
  6. FS Tutorials – This site is extremely similar to Tutorial Outpost. Hey, if you combined the two, then we’d really be talking. Either way, it’s a good site to submit to.
  7. PSDtuts – Ok, so they are not truly a Photoshop tutorial submission site. I’d leave them off the list, but they do have a place to submit links. and by simply submitting them to their user community link feed, you will drive as much traffic to your site as most of these other places. They are definitely worth the time.
  8. CG Tutorials – Computer graphics tutorials is not nearly the best site on this list. It’s biggest perk is that you don’t have to sign-up and your submissions go on the home page immediately. It’s a nice quick way to get some views.
  9. Fusion Tutorials – More of the same. A nice clean layout, that will help your stats and hopefully add a few more loyal readers to your blog.
  10. Tutorial Man – This site rounds off our list. They do just enough to be worth your time.

When I finish a tutorial, I’m now in the habit of sending to most, if not all of these sites. They take varying amounts of time from submission to review, so your traffic from them trickles in at a nice consistent rate. Combine these sites with some social sites and your already loyal readers and it’s a nice recipe for success. It’s also nice when sites like Tutorials We Heart and Photoshop Lady find your tutorial and feature it on their site.


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