D:Scribe Digital Pens

Posted on: April 10, 2009

Now digital pens will be used to send sms even without typing in your mobile. Yes with this digital pens you will have to just write on paper and circle the name to whom you want to send.

To use this kind of digital pens you just need bluetooth and the surface which can be used to write on.  To display the message and other information this digital pens are using OLED screen.

Main attraction of digital pens are they will save every thing which you will write and on you can transfer such details to your computer as well.

If your home appliances are bluetooth enabled than you can program digital pens to give them command by writing on air only.

Designer : Reuben Png

Digital Pens

Digital Pens

Digital Pens 2

Digital Pens 2

Digital Pens 3

Digital Pens 3

Digital Pens 4

Digital Pens 4


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Thats very cool………….great information to be blogged.

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