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The word gang has taken on many meanings throughout the years. Originally, the word was just used to express a group or band of people. You probably have heard someone talk about the local gang of boys or something of that sort. In older times, the word gang didn’t have such the negative tone that comes along with it today. As time has gone on, the word gang has grown to be a word that many worry about when they hear it. It seems a “gang” has evolved from just being a group of people to a group of people that associate for some criminal or other antisocial purpose.

Depending on where you live, you have probably heard about gang crimes. If you don’t live too close to a big city, it is sure that you have read or watched the news and heard about some sort of gang activity. Gangs exist all over the world, not just in your own country. Here are the top 10 of the most dangerous gangs that you definitely don’t want to come into contact with.

Aryan Brotherhood (AB, The Brand)

Another jailhouse gang for you. Even though they are not one of the biggest prison gangs, the Aryan Brotherhood is known to have murdered many prisoners in jail. The gang only makes up about 1% of prison populations, but size doesn’t matter to the AB. In fact, this gang is known for at least 26% of the murders that occur in prisons around the U.S. The AB is split into two groups, usually those in federal prisons and other members that are located in some of the smaller state prisons, especially those in California. In order to join the Aryan Brotherhood, one has to kill or assault another prisoner. This is known as blood in, blood out. Any who try to leave the gang are generally assaulted or murdered by a member. The AB is known for organized crime, extortion, inmate prostitution, drug trafficking, and murder-for-hire.

Mexican Mafia (La eMe)

The Mexican Mafia is a gang that has its strongholds in many prisons throughout the U.S. The gang was started in the 1950s in Tracy California. La eMe is well known for its drug trafficking, extortion, and murder. Closely knit with the Aryan Brotherhood, La eMe has made many contracts with ally gangs in order to kill other gang members from rivals. The gang doesn’t have many rules for its members: no exposing the gang, no homosexual acts, and no cowardice. Mexican Mafia gang members also cannot practice the Christian religion. Once your join the Mexican Mafia and are released from jail, members are expected to send some of their earnings to those lead gang members who are still in jail. The gang isn’t known to kill random civilians.

The Mungiki (Kenyan Mafia)

This gang isn’t one that you’ll find in the U.S. The Mungiki is mostly found in poor parts of Kenya, especially Nairobi, which is one of Kenya’s largest cities. The gang was formed during the 1980s and has since grown, but not much. The gang is known to work in “cells,” each of them consisting of about 50 members that get involved with racketeering. The Mungiki are extremely against Christianity as well as any type of Westernization. The gang believes in forced female genital cutting, beheading, and mutilation. As many as 50 people have been killed because of clashes with the Mungiki, two of these people being Kenyan police offers who were beheaded. The gang is said to have some ties in the U.S., but this has never been concretely proven.

Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC)

A Brazilian gang, Primeiro Comando da Capital comes in at #7. This gang is one of the newest Brazilian prison gangs to be formed. Founded in 1993 by eight prisoners, PCC is one of the smallest prison gangs around today. Primeiro Comando da Capital is extremely against government establishments like police stations, justice forums, and even buses. Since the middle of 2006, the gang is known to have carried out about 300 attacks, all of them being against public establishments. The gang is mostly funded by its members. All members have to pay a monthly fee to be in the gang, which is about $27 if the member is in jail, and $270 if the member is out of a prison. Most of the money is used to buy weapons as well as drugs. Some of the money is put towards bailing out members. In order to become part of the Primeiro Comando da Capital, you have to be introduced by a regular member of the gang. An oath must also be accepted.

Black Guerrilla Family (Black Family, Black Vanguard)

Founded in 1966 by a man named George Jackson, located in Marin County, California, the Black Guerrilla family is one of the many gangs that is associated with the African-American race. The gang was established in order to maintain Black dignity in prison as well as planning to overthrow the U.S. government. Standing as one of the most politically influenced gangs, the Black Guerrilla Family has very strong emotions towards Marxism. Today, the Black Family has about 50,000 gang members, many of which who are associated with other gangs. In order to join the gang, one must be black, and must be nominated by an already existing member. Recently it has been said that the gang is experiencing internal conflicts between old and new members.

La Nuestra Familia

La Nuestra Familia is a Mexican American prison gang that originated in Northern California. The gang has been around since 1968 and has always been a rival of the Mexican Mafia. Many speculate that the gang was created just to deliver a blow to their rival gang. The gang puts a high focus on protecting as well as preserving the Chicano culture, especially while living in a society that is dominated by so many different races. La Nuestra Familia is known to control intra-prison drug and sex trades. From the prison, high-up gang members call to those outside of the prison to prefer hits. The gang is known to kill anyone, sometimes members of the gang. Members of La Nuestra Familia are known to be serious criminals because the gang requires a two year time period to join. La Nuestra Familia requires that all gang members put the gang above family, money, drugs, and women. Women cannot join the gang but are sometimes used for running drugs.

Texas Syndicate (Texas 7)

Texas Syndicate is a California State Prison gang that was created in response to other Californian gangs like the Mexican Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood. Because these gangs were preying on inmates, especially those in Texas, prisoners saw a  need to have a rival gang to protect these Texas prisoners as a means for self-protection. The Texas 7 doesn’t allow any members that are outside of the Hispanic race. Caucasian members are extremely frowned upon. The gang is made up generally of Mexican immigrant prisoners, not Mexicans who were born and raised in the U.S. In 2000, the gang was said to have about 1,000 members in jail, and about 830 outside of jail. Texas Syndicate is known for contract murder, gambling, prostitution, extortion, and drug trafficking. Many of the gang’s leaders are imprisoned due to drug charges.


The Crips was started in 1969 by a 16-year-olds Stanley Williams and Raymond Washington. The two started the gang as a playoff of the Black Panthers. The gang started off small and was a loosely connected network of individual gangs. Since its origination, the gang has grown to be one of the largest as well as one of the most powerful gangs that exist in the U.S. Today, the gang is said to have over 300,000 gang members both inside and outside of jail. The Crips are known for wearing the color blue. The gang is known to carry out murders, robberies, as well as drug deals. The Crips are extremely bitter rivals towards the Bloods as well as many different Hispanic street gangs. The gang is known to be extremely violent and sometimes brawls and fights explode within the gang, which usually end up in deaths of Crips members. While fighting other gangs, the Crips also fights against itself. This gang is so big that it has even spread to other countries like Canada.


The Bloods is a Los Angeles based gang that is known mainly for its rivalry with the Crips as well as for wearing the color red. The gang started in 1972 and grew slowly by taking over territory that was controlled by other L.A. street gangs. Because the Bloods were so fearless, many of the gang members that they encountered decided to band together and join the Bloods. The gang is separated into “sets,” which have their own tactics, especially when it comes to recruiting. The gang overall is known to recruit members through those who volunteer while the Bloods’ sets are known to send threats to people to join the gang. Bloods members often combine with other gangs in order to carry out criminal activity, especially drug trafficking.

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

Mara Salvatrucha makes all of these other gangs seem like foolish people selling drugs. MS-13 is in fact the deadliest gang that anyone will ever come into contact with. The gang mainly consists of Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, and other Central Americans and was started in the 1980s to protect immigrants from other big gangs.  The gang has been able to spread beyond Central America into Spain, U.S., Great Britain, Germany, and even Canada. MS-13 is well known for drug smuggling, black market gun sales, theft, contract killing, human trafficking, and assault, especially on law enforcement. In the U.S. alone, the gang has 10,000 members. This gang has no remorse for killing anyone. Mara Salvatrucha is known for hunting down and killing anyone who speaks to law enforcement about the gang. MS-13 is known for its extremely violent crimes, especially against innocents. The gang has gone as far to set a bus full of children and women on fire which ended in 28 deaths.

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The majority of reporters (and not just multimedia journalists) are using computers to create the news. Here are some tools that make reporting just a little bit easier.

Find a meeting point

Mezzoman is a great tool for meeting sources/interviewees who aren’t nearby the newsroom. Just enter your address and the address of the person you plan to meet and the site will find a coffee shop or restaurant near a midpoint of the two locations.

Distraction-free writing

The internet is full of magic and wonder that can be distracting when it’s time to buckle down and write that story. DarkCopy takes away those distractions by providing a full-screen text editor that will (hopefully) help maintain your focus.

Call-in note taker

Every reporter should carry a digital voice recorder, but Jott turns a cell phone into the next best thing. Call in notes to a special number and Jott will provide a transcript of your call.
Copy and paste made easier

Sometimes text isn’t just copied from one file to another, but from one computer to another. Rather than send it by email, use to paste the text into an online notepad and pick it up on another computer. It’s incredibly simple and the text can be saved for up to seven days.

Airport reviews

Those reporters who find themselves traveling often will appreciate flagxo, a unique site that provides information and reviews on airports around the world. Users rank factors such as power plug availability, lounges and wi-fi. For a detailed list of airports that have wi-fi available, including a list of providers and costs, check out Travel Post’s Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide.

Wi-fi finder

For wi-fi outside of the airport, use hotspotr to track down the nearest wireless internet connection. Simply enter an address and the site will not only provide a map of nearby wi-fi hotspots, but list additional features of the location.

Capture written notes

Most newsrooms are equipped with an oft-used whiteboard or make available a printed laundry list of stories to appear in upcoming issue that usually become scribbled with notes. Capture those notes for posterity with Qipit. Using a camera or mobile phone, take a picture of the notes and send it to Qipit, which will in turn clean up the photo and convert the notes into an easier easy to read PDF file.

Time and Date
World clock

The clock on the wall says 5:30, the computer says 5:27 and your cell says 5:32. When time is important, use Time and Date to be sure of the correct time. The site is also useful for determining if your 2 p.m. call from New York isn’t actually a 3 a.m. call in Tokyo.

Typing tutor

If your typing skills range from competent to less than impressive, Learn2Type is here to help. Users can take an online typing test, print out a typing certificate or find resources to help improve their skills.

Google Calendar
Appointment tracker

Most reporters carry some sort of day planner, whether it be digital or an old school paper version. But if there are already enough gadgets crowding your backpack, consider using Google’s online calendar for keeping tabs on future or past interviews and meetings in one safe place.

Google Translate
Online translator

Translate is another useful Google tool (there are so many) that will help translate foreign text to English and back again in a matter of seconds. There are more than 20 languages to choose from including Spanish, Swedish and Romanian. The service should only be used for reference and not for actual translation as some native idioms will likely not be translated perfectly.

Instant messaging

With all the instant messaging services out there (Yahoo, AIM, MSN) there is no telling which service the person you need to talk to will have. Rather than flip through several different services on your computer use meebo to log in to all your IM clients in one place. Meebo is also useful for using a computer that does not have any IM clients installed.
Mel Gibson and Robyn – After 28 years of marriage, Mel Gibson’s wife has filed for divorce. reports that the actor could cough up to USD 500 million as settlement to his ex-wife. This divorce is touted as one of the most expensive Hollywood divorces in recent times.
In Photo: Actor Mel Gibson and his wife attend the 69th Annual Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, CA.
Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey – Singer Neil Diamond paid up USD 150 million to his ex-wife Marcia when he split with her in 1994. He apparently said, ‘She’s worth every penny’.
In Photo: Musician Neil Diamond arrives at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on February 8, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
Michael Jordan and Juanita – Basketball legend Michael Jordan also shelled out USD 150 million when he and wife Juanita headed to splitsville in 2007.
In Photo: Honoree Michael Jordan with wife Juanita.
Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving – The renowned director was married to Amy forjust 4 years but it cost him quite a bit. She was awarded one half of his fortune at that time -USD100 Million. Today, however Spielberg is said to be worth more than USD 3 billion!
In Photo: Director Steven Spielberg and his wife Amy Irving attend a Starlight Foundation benefit gala in Los Angeles, CA. The Foundation grants wishes and provides diversionary entertainment services to children who are critically, chronically, or terminally ill.
Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison – This couple got hitched in 1983 and divorced 11 years later. At the time of their marriage, Ford was making around USD 20 million per movie. They settled their divorce at USD 85 million.
In Photo: Actor Harrison Ford and his wife Melissa Mathison attend a benefit screening of ‘Six Days and Seven Nights’ June 11, 1998 in New York City. Ford and his wife, screenwriter Melissa Mathison, announced that they have separated after 17 years of marriage.
Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva – Theirs is a love story that started in school. After 16 years of marriage, they bid adieu with Cindy walking away with USD 80 Million.
In Photo: Academy Award winning actor Kevin Costner poses with wife Cindy Costner March 25, 1991 in Los Angeles, CA. The Academy Awards are the foremost national film awards in the US and are given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for excellence in the creation and production of motion pictures.
Paul McCartney and Heather Mills – Paul McCartney and former model Heather Mills hit the headlines for all the right and wrong reasons. Their divorce turned nasty to the tabloids’ delight and Heather managed to get a USD 60 million settlement.
James Cameron and Linda Hamilton – Director James Cameron’s marriage with Linda Hamilton lasted just 18 months but he had to part with USD 50 Million.
In Photo: Linda Hamilton with James Camerom arriving at the 55th Golden Globe Awards
Michael Douglas and Diandra – She was 19 and he was in his thirties when they first met. However, love lost its sheen after 21 years of marriage and they went their separate ways. She netted USD 45 million in the settlement.
In Photo: Producer Diandra Douglas arrives for dinner in honor of fashion designer Valentino August 8, 2001 at Flanigan restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Lionel Richie and Diane – Lionel and Diane wed in 1996 and they had two children. Their marriage however did not last and in 2004 he shelled out USD 20 million to Diane to finalize the divorce.
In Photo: Singer/composer Lionel Richie and his wife Diane attend the United States Veterans Gala February 22, 2002 in Beverly Hills, CA. The US Veterans Gala honors America’s heroes and recognizes the outstanding work of the United States Veteran’s Initiative.
Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall – They had two children even before they tied the knot at a Hindu wedding ceremony in Bali. Mick’s alleged infidelity was said to be the cause of the final split and reports say between USD15 to 25 million was what he paid Jerry Hall.
In Photo: Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger 1983 inParis. Jerry Hall just gave an interview to a UK celebrity magazine where she reveals that ‘Mick Jagger’s cheating was painful, she will never have a face lift, is a fan of Ayurvedic treatments and finds reality TV disgusting’.

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