Top 15 Weird Gadgets You Never Thought Existed

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Innovation has brought us many amazing gadgets. However, there are some weird gadgets that were born as the result of the wildest imagination by their inventors. Here are the top 15 weird gadgets that you never knew existed.

15. Movable Bench

Movable Bench
Ever wished to have a moving bench that can be moved to different places in your garden in the back yard? This bench comes with a wheel making it comfortable for you to move it around under a tree or sun or shade.

14. Modern Ladder

Modern Ladder
This modern ladder is the coolest way to climb up. Surely it may need some practice to really start using it.

13. Waiter’s Tray

Waiter's Special Tray

No more dropping of trays. This anatomically designed waiter/waitress trays holds firm in your palm leading to safe carriage of food on it. Hopefully it is as comfortable as the present designs.

12. Traveller’s T-Shirt

Traveler's Shirt
This traveler’s t-shirt is a better way to communicate with the natives of a foreign land. Those who travel often to places where you can’t manage with the language you know, here comes a phrase book t-shirt. You can point to the pictogram you need and point a couple of times at the question mark which means Where is it. Surely this is an easy way to communicate for basic necessity in a new place.

11. Crime Scene Towel

Crime Scene Towel
Want to get noticed at the beach? Well, this crime scene bath towel can catch the attention of folks there. Let your next beach holiday be different with this extra ordinary bath towel.

10. Illuminated Car Slippers

Illuminated Car Slippers
The cosy car shaped shoes let you move in the dark comfortably. These extra ordinary slippers light up the floor up to 30 feet on your way with the bright LED lights. This extremely comfort wear allows you to get a bottle of water with ease in a dark night.

9. Infant Pillow

Infant Pillow
It is quite irritating when the baby wakes up the moment when you lay him on the bed. For those dads and moms here is a way to make the baby feel that he is still in your hands. This infant pillow must surely be a creation of a mother who is tired of trying out different ways to keep the baby asleep on the bed. Named as Zaky, the ergonomic infant pillow mimics the size, weight, touch, and feels of a mother’s hand and forearm to help her baby with comfort, support, protection, and development.

8. Laser Scissors

Laser Scissors
Fed up with irregular shaped ends of papers? Cutting a straight line is no longer a strenuous job. Aim the pin point laser and follow the line to get a smooth cut. This laser scissors never let you to mess up with the perfect cutting. The scissor blades made out of stainless steel have a micro serrated edge, providing a commendable finish to cut edges.

7. Penguin Tea Bag Dipper

Penguin Tea Bag Dipper
Making a hot cup of tea is now easier than before. Here is a Penguin that does dipping the tea bag into hot water in your cup. What you need to do is just set the timer for how long you want the tea bag to be in the water. Turn the timer dial and the beak goes in. Once the time is up, the Penguin raises its beak taking out the tea bag. This must find a place at your desktop allowing you to have a hot tea in between hectic work.

6. One Click Butter Cutter

One Click Butter Cutter
Stay healthy by having exact amount of butter. Just click at the handle of this butter cutter and you will get one standard pat of the butter.

5. Save Banana

Save Banana
Those who love to have a banana break while travelling must try this Banana guard. This is designed to protect your favourite banana from getting damaged due to stress and awful weather conditions. Surely your kids will now love to carry banana to school.

4. Lock Your Cup

Lock Your Cup
This is a boon to every coffee/tea lover in the corporate jungle. Quite often your coffee mugs may get misplaced or lost. By locking your cup with a unique key you can enjoy a sip of hot coffee in your coffee mug everyday. This cup has a hole which prevents others from using it. And you hold the key which can seal the hole. Doesn’t that save your coffee mug?

3. Transparent toaster

Transparent Bread Toaster
While you are rushing to get things done, you may end up with a burnt toast. The transparent toaster lets you have a right toast. This amazing toaster works with transparent heating glass technology which allows you to see the bread while toasting. Now you can easily turn off the toaster once the bread has turned moderately brown.

2. Cookie Cup

Cookie Cup
Ever wished to have a better way to hold biscuits (other than your mouth), when your hands are occupied with the cup and newspaper? This smart cup can hold your cookies in the cup itself making your life simpler. This wonder cup is suited for both left handed and right handed.

And the winner is…

1. Day Clock

Day Clock

This is the weirdest of all – a day clock. Who on this earth will need a day clock right? People when on vacation tend to forget which day it is. This day clock is best suited for laid back fellows who lose track of the da


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