VJ Bani

Posted on: March 2, 2009

Name: Gurbani Judge a.k.a Bani

Birthday: 29th November, 1987

Born in: Chandigarh, “in a hospital delivery room…”

Vital Stats: (my) “Heart is beating.”

Shoe size: 8

Studied: Vivek Highschool (till the 7th grade), Woodstock Boarding School (8th grade onwards). College: “The University of Life!”.

First Job: Did a lot of household chores for her family, typed letters for her mom for cash, washed cars, walked dogs etc.

One Secret: She’s a good baker. In Chandigarh, she used to love to bake muffins, cakes etc and give them to people.

Tete-a-tete with your VJ

People know you from Roadies Season 4. How did you end up Veejaying for MTV?

It just happened. After Roadies was over, I used to do a lot of events for MTV. And they saw me getting better at it. At the time, I was applying to college in New Zealand. I was going to go away to study Graphic Design for 5 years. I wanted to be an artist. But then Mtv happened.

And what did you want to be as a child?<BR>
Mostly, I wanted to be an adult. We were very aware of the financial situation we were in, and I just wanted to earn enough money and support myself. Now that I’m an adult, I want to be a child!

A lot of the boys want to know if you’re seeing anyone?

No man, I wish. I just don’t have the time.

So what is your idea of the perfect man?

A dog! No, I’m kidding. He has to love paneer, because I loveeee paneer. And he has to go to the gym. And also, not make a big deal of the fact that I like to eat healthy.

Do you work out a lot?

Everyday! For about an hour to and hour and a half.

So what would do you say is one of your biggest strengths…or rather, one of your biggest assets…

I have immense willpower, it’s very strong. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs. I think there are cooler ways to die.

Your hair always looks really great. How often do you colour it?

I can’t even remember. I just love color in everything….and I think the uncombed look is a great fashion statement.

How many tattoos do you have?

9…but my favorite are my truth and karma tattoos.

When did you have the most fun while traveling…the most ultimate experience…

I think it’s almost missing the trains and flights when I am with my mum and sister.

Who matters the most to you in your life?

My grandfather, but he passed away.

Do you believe in God?

I used to. Then I grew up. So, now I don’t anymore.

Do you support any social causes?

I would support PETA, but I eat fish. But, I have been donating blood 6 times a year since I turned 18.


Food: Tuna flakes, chikoos, cold coffee and blueberry muffins.

Drink: Milk

Cartoon character: “Me!”

Book (s): ‘How we are Hungry’ by Dave Eggers and ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ by Mark Haddon.

Author(s): Philip Larkin, Gabrielle Garcia Marquez

Music: Alkaline Trio, Incubus

Artist: M.F. Husain

Ultimate Aphrodisiac: A good workout in the gym.

Her Shows: ‘On the Job’ and ‘Wassup’

Holiday destination: “Once I’m on holiday, I’ll let you know!”

Believes: “Change is constant. It is the only thing in life that is constant”

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16 Responses to "VJ Bani"

Hi bani! This is saikrishna aka Kriss from Chennai!! I’m besotted by u!!! I can’t imagine anyone else as my soul mate!!!!! Happy diwali 2015!!!!!! I wanna celebrate Diwali in 2016 with u as ur man locked in ur arms !!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!

Very Impressive

u r so cool&cute bt start beliving god

u r so cool ,wats ur height

Bani you r so cool . …

heyy.. wassup ..?
i wanted to know u’r height ?

salam….. BANI
k c ho aap ? mera naam SOHAIL he i m 17 yrs old..aap ki blv nhi hoga k main aap ko kitna pasand krta hun? maine aap ki film aap ka surroor dekhi mujhe aap ka chrector bohot pasand aya. bohot koshish k baad aap ki kuch pics jama ki hen. main aap ko bohot pasand krta hun.i rlly like n love u……….

hey bani….u r so can u be so confident and graceful.?say some tips yaar……….

love u

bani ur soooooo sweet….

Hey dis iz ‘MIHIR’ m ur very very big fan i juz luv the way u tok u r very cool…………

cool,i liked ur way to live the life..

found ur thoughts pretty real
b wat u r don’t chng ur self 4r ne one
strt believing in god

i know the left hand tatto is truth then wat is in right

i love u bani………………………..

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